CLIMS Autumn meeting in Berlin, Germany 25th – 27th September 2017

The 87th CLIMS meeting took place in Berlin, with a busy agenda for the delegates. It was a success, in terms of the CLIMS goals, due to an excellent organization, facilities, and cultural highlights, which were most appreciated by de delegates.

The meeting followed the standard items, such us approval of the minutes of the meeting in Budapest, presentation on the ICC Camp in Spain, information about future meetings and ICC Camps, and the bi-lateral consultations, which paved the way for the 2018 activities.

During the “Presidential Meeting”, the Committee approved the CLIMS balance of the payments until 24th September, the Memorandum of Understanding of the ICC, and requested potential venues for the CLIMS meetings in 2020.

Finally, Berlin was the scene fort the elections of the president and vice president of the CLIMS. President Konstantinos Michopoulos, handed his duties to his Portuguese colleague Ms. Rita Cristóvão, who will be supported by the new vice president Stefano Luci, from Italy.

Ms Rita Cristóvão is a member of the Portuguese IASFA Board of Directors, and an experienced Executive Manager in government administration and in the public and private healthcare business sector, skilled in Business Process Management, Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Business Process Improvement and Governance Restructuring. She possesses strong business development skills, with executive and post graduations focused in Business Administration and General Management, Finance and Control Management, National Defence and Healthcare.

Mr Stefano Luci is a government functionary in Ministry of Defence and member of the Italian Clims organization.

Graduated in political science and specialized in international human rights protection has worked in several Italian organizations related to staff welfare and gender discrimination.

He possesses a strong European spirit with an emphasis on youth policy he believes is the best way to promote the European integration process.

The new President addressed the Committee, underlining and thanking the excellent work of the former president, Mr Konstantinos Michopoulos, and shared her views for the next two years:

“Greetings to all country members, Heads of Delegation, and all team members of CLIMS,

It is a great honour and privilege to be elected as President of this important organization and have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience for the office.

I would like to thank you all for the trust you lay on me with your vote and I am looking forward to fulfil your expectations about what can be done for the future of CLIMS.

My professional experience has been mostly dealing with strategic planning, leadership, restructuring and improving the governance of institutions such as IASFA.

I started to get involved directly with CLIMS in September 2015, in the Presidential Meeting that took place in Prague, where I learned about the organization, its strengths and weaknesses, its opportunities and challenges in the future.

I truly believe that CLIMS is a vital organization to all member countries, to promote tourism and leisure between the military family, with a unique and special treatment at affordable prices that no other travel agency or online booking can offer.

Nowadays we struggle to compete with normal travel agencies and online booking in our travel packages but I strongly believe that we have our place in the tourism business sector.

We can do more and better with the same resources but define accurately what the priorities must be in CLIMS.

Like sponsoring the right partnerships with our travel suppliers;

Taking advantage of CLIMS business volume to have discounts or other benefits that we can offer to our ultimate clients;

Encouraging new memberships inside Europe, namely with countries that have a very rich and diverse tourism offer, as well as similar interests and standards in tourism and leisure activities, as well as security matters;

Finally, promoting CLIMS tourism accommodation and travel packages in a more efficient and innovative way, supported by a refreshed marketing and communication actions.

I believe that CLIMS will grow in the future, not only in quality of services provided, but also in members than can add value to our organization.

Thank you for this honour and I rely on your support to take CLIMS to next level. “

In the CLIMS community there are also some touching moments. It was time to say goodbye to some of former colleagues, namely, to former president Kamilla Gralik and member of the Polish delegation, who will cease functions in CLIMS activities. Mrs Gralik took the opportunity to thank the delegates for their support and friendship.

In addition to the official meetings, the delegations enjoyed together the cultural program organised by the German delegation, a very impressive guided tour of the Berlin Wall and its history and facts, which reminds us of the importance of European common values and the atrocities of our recent past.