The CLIMS was created in April 1975

CLIMS is ruled by a protocol and it includes 12 countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

Each member country of the CLIMS is represented by a delegation, competent in the realization of actions aiming to develop a dynamic and efficient policy of exchanges between members of the respective Ministries of Defense.

The Liaison Committee elects a president and a vice-president belonging to two different nations from among members for a term of two years. The secretariat of the committee is given to a delegation of a country member. It is in charge of the dissemination of information, communication and reports in English and French.

The essential aims of the biannual meetings are to advertise the various possibilities of vacations offered by members for young people or families or all other tourism activity.

The CLIMS is a merely consultative organ that cannot impose decisions on the different members. Delegations are alone responsible for defining their engagement in the realization of the activities proposed.

President of CLIMS

Col. Cozmin Marinescu Ph.D.
Joint Logistics Command
Ministry of National Defence

Vice President of CLIMS

Dra. Paula Costa
Member of the Board of Directors
Ministry of National Defense